Corporate and Personal Tax

KPC Chartered Professional Accounting Firm

We offer corporate tax and personal tax services tailored to your unique circumstances

• Our goal, plain and simple, is to help improve your competitive advantage through tax solutions. Being boring tax professionals means we’re happiest being the unsung heroes in the background who are keeping vigilant eyes on all aspects of the tax implications you face, and sharing expertise that helps you make the best decisions.

• Planning and oversight form the backbone of effective business tax services. The KPC approach begins with rigorous tax planning, evaluation of optimum strategies and then continual monitoring of the plan. This same approach is followed for personal tax services, with particular attention paid to individual objectives while also considering business, estate and succession issues. The KPC 360-degree perspective.

• When the time comes to evaluate effective estate planning, we work in concert with you and other professional advisors to develop a wealth management plan that fulfills your goals within your lifetime or for future generations. We also offer counsel on available strategies for business continuity or guidance in preparation for the transfer of your assets to the next generation.

• Each KPC client is assigned a dedicated tax team that fully comprehends their business or individual needs. A KPC client is comfortable knowing that their tax team is well-versed in the unique needs and objectives of their organization to ensure that business and personal goals are effectively met.

• As a trusted business advisor, we develop an intimate understanding of our client's needs and offer specialized services that enable you to fully evaluate and understand how to minimize tax obligations. By simplifying the complex, we lay the foundation for execution of a plan that considers all aspects of the tax law.